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The Messiah Project Ring

Welcome to the Messiah Project Ring, a service of This ring is an attempt to bring together web sites focusing on persons claiming to be a messiah, an avatar, a maitreye Buddha, a mahdi, a universal savior, a world redeemer, etc.

To join the ring, complete the form on this page. At that point, the ring maintainer will be notified that you are in the queue. He will then visit it and decide on whether to place you in the ring.

If you are concerned that the ring's navigation bar would not neatly fit on your (main) page, what I would suggest is creating a separate page for it and providing a link at the top of that page to the main (home) page of your site. Be sure, when joining, that you register the page which will contain the navigation bar.

The Messiah Project Ring is maintained by Mark A. Foster. If you are a glutton for punishment, you may read Mark's personal bio.